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Selection of courses for Spring 2022 at CentraleSupélec


Dear Student,

Please read carefully the information below before starting your course selection.

CentraleSupélec's engineering curriculum spans over 3 years, (6 semesters). Each semester comprises 2 terms: an Engineering Challenge term, in French Séquence Thématique or ST, and an Academic Term, in French Séquence Générale or SG.


CentraleSupélec's engineering curriculum, in relation to the French/European system

CentraleSupélec’s engineering curriculum

Equivalent in the European higher education system

Preparatory classes in France:

1st year

Semester 1


year 1


Semester 2

2nd year

Semester 3

year 2

Semester 4

Engineering Curriculum

1st year

Semester 5 - S5

SG 1

year 3

ST 2

Semester 6 - S6

SG 3

ST 4

2nd year

Semester 7 - S7

ST 5

year 4


SG 6

Semester 8 - S8

ST 7

SG 8

3rd year

Semester 9 - S9


year 5

SM 10

Semester 10 - S10




CentraleSupélec's second year is open to exchange students, either during the Fall semester "S7" (September to January) or the Spring semester "S8" (February to June), or both.

Detailed course descriptions can be found in the 2021/22 course catalog. Please note that modules and the language of instruction of each course are subject to change before your arrival.

The full course load per semester is 30 ECTS. Depending on the requirements of your home institution, you may either take the full course load, additional classes, or a minimum of 20 ECTS.

While filling this form, please keep track and write down the courses you are choosing, as there will be no recap at the end.

If you have any question, please send an email to Julie Castel.

The Incoming Mobility team
Department of International Affairs